Watlington Folk – The Book!

“A revelation as to the richness and variety of Watlington’s inhabitants” – Jeremy Irons & Sinéad Cusack Check out the book of the series! 56 portraits and interviews of the people who live in Watlington. The stories are fascinating in themselves and, as a collection, they represent a social document and historical record of a… Continue reading Watlington Folk – The Book!

Elliott Baker

I was born in Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Aylesbury in 2007. I was four weeks early and had a build up of bilirubin (jaundice), which damaged a small part of my brain. This has affected my speech, hearing, muscle control and eyesight. This makes me a bit wobbly. In 2018, I had deep brain stimulation… Continue reading Elliott Baker

David Marcou

“I like the location and culture of Watlington” I was born in Kensington in 1944, and grew up there, with my three younger sisters. In my first year at senior school, I started to learn the clarinet, but words can’t describe how bad I was – I had absolutely no aptitude for it whatsoever. My… Continue reading David Marcou