Jim Stubbs

“There is a rhythm to the year”

I lived in Stokenchurch for 29 years. After about 5 years I looked at a few houses in Watlington but the intended move didn’t come about. When I retired, moving was something I wanted to do, but it took me 2 years to find a house. Eventually it came down to two houses, one here and one in Peppard Common. I woke up one morning and made an offer on the Watlington house. And that was it. I moved here in August, 2010. After a very busy day moving, we went to The Chequers, which is my closest pub and has a fantastic atmosphere.

I thought I knew Watlington, but when I got here I found it was even more well-endowed with services than I had realised. There was so much more. Dick Stillwell lived across the brook, and it was him that introduced me to the Royal British Legion. Not long after that, I was on the committee and not long after that I was Secretary.

I was a member of the Club before I moved here so I already knew some people here. But through the British Legion I got to know all sorts of other people and organisations. There are 120 members of the Royal British Legion that live in Watlington or nearby hamlets. So I have got to know a lot of them.

Watlington is a small, quiet place, but there is a lot going on and it is difficult to think of anywhere with so much for such a small population. I also like that you go out for a newspaper, which should take 15 minutes, and it takes an hour and a half with all the people you meet.

Two words I would use to describe Watlington are friendly and generous. Last year we raised £18,000 for the Royal British Legion, and this year we have so far raised about £11,000.


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