Lucinda Shaw

“How lucky are we to have stumbled on this place!”

I have been here 12 years, since May 2004. We came out of London and stumbled off the M40, house hunting. We bought a newspaper as you did in those days, and sat in what was The Pantry. We saw a lot of young families – we later found out it was because of the ballet school. Although it was the first place we looked at we liked it. Nowhere else had what Watlington had. And there was Rainbow Nursery – although we couldn’t get into it! It wasn’t so much the house as how busy the high street was on a Saturday morning that attracted us to Watlington.

I used to do a music group, and go to The Pantry afterwards. Then it became The Bhaji, then The Spice Guru and now The Granary. The High Street continually evolves, but not much has changed. I like it, I’m quite old fashioned at heart.

I have been involved with the PTA properly since 2013. Prior to that I was involved with the Pre School and fund raising for the Scouts. Now I also do volunteer driving, which has been a way to get to know another section of the community I otherwise wouldn’t interface with.

Watlington is a great place to live. I enjoy the location – we are so lucky to be in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. I also like that we are near London and Oxford for big city life – although I feel a bit of a country bumpkin when I go into London these days!

I like to travel, but at the end of the day Watlington is a lovely place to return to.


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