Elliott Baker

I was born in Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Aylesbury in 2007. I was four weeks early and had a build up of bilirubin (jaundice), which damaged a small part of my brain. This has affected my speech, hearing, muscle control and eyesight. This makes me a bit wobbly. In 2018, I had deep brain stimulation… Continue reading Elliott Baker

Hugh Thomson

  “There is lots happening if I put my head out of the door” I was born in London in 1960, and moved to Oxfordshire with my parents and one brother and two sisters, to Little Stoke, which is near Wallingford, on the river. After school I went and studied English Literature at Cambridge and… Continue reading Hugh Thomson

Jaine McCormack

  “Watlington is a very special, small community” I was born in Newcastle in 1957. I was brought up in rural Northumberland and lived there until I was 18. My family are mostly still up there. I’m a Geordie, and you can’t take the Northern out of somebody. There’s a lack of “side” – people… Continue reading Jaine McCormack